Nano Plus high effective microorganism produces by pure culture that develop and research by bio and 
nano technology specialistNano Plus provide in 4 types. There are biological waste water treatment, 
organic fertilizer, probiotic and biological dropper kill mosquito larva

1. Nano Plus biological waste water treatment  Use for factory, apartment, hotel, school, university, farm,  
hospital, Toilet, septic tank, grease trap tank, garbage field, petrol station and ext . 
Efficiency :
1. Reduce BOD/ COD/ TSS/ Odor/ Sludge/ Scum/ Fat 
2. Eliminate algae 
3. Reduction in operating cost 
4. Improve turbidity

2. Nano Plus organic fertilizer Suitable for all plants there are perennial plants, farm plant, annual and garden plant. 
1. Help fertilize soil condition which resulting in healthy plant growth, strength and weight. 
2. Help increase plant immunity against insects and diseases. 
3. Environment-friendly and suitable for use in the general plant plantation at every step of growth.
3. Nano Plus probiotic consist of various organisms that suitable for animals
1. Animals have good digestion because Nano Plus have much organism for treat and help digestion. 
2. Increase enzyme and nutrients because Nano Plus is organisms liquid. 
3. Reduce expense of corn feed, hormone and enzyme because animals received nutrients form organisms. Animals are better absorbing fiber. 
4. Animals be stronger, red meat, red egg 
5. Resistance form pathogen. 
6. Save cost for medicine, hormone 
7. Animal is living life so long 
8. No chemical in meat and egg. 
9. Safe for animals, human, environment. Nano plus made form organism. No toxic that effect with you and your animal. 
10. No fly and no odor
4. Nano Plus biological dropper kill mosquito larva consist of Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT).  
1. Kill larva of mosquitoes. So cannot be mosquitoes. 
2. Can drop in drinking water. 
3. Water that drop Nano Plus not be found oil same any products. 
4. Larva be die within 24 hours.
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